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I am second generation Californian with Apache and Yaqui ancestors. Yes I was born in them there hills of Los Angeles. The Yaqui were hard workers and while working on the railroads in the southwest traveled and sometimes lived on the trains with their families. Refugio Savala the Yaqui Poet lived this lifestyle and called himself a "Hobo" with humor. My Greatgrandfather and many of his family worked on the railroad also which afforded them many opportunities. This Blog is in honor of my Great Grandfather Reyes Torres.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Emma's Etsy Store


This is my favorite Etsy store. I was actually looking for traditional Yaqui Flora Tops and found Emma on the internet. She also had some masks and simple wrap skirts with her specialty being hip belts. All things to make a busy Mom's life easier.
The above bag is also made out of recycled materials an added bonus.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

National Train Day May 7, 2011

Don't forget to support National Train Day May 7, 2011. There are events throughout the Nation with new ones to be added so check back.
They are also adding Car Trains because people are so attached to Cars they can bring them along and use them at their destination....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hobo Style

I have been studying Yojhi Yamamoto recently. I like the simplicity of his designs and functionality. Functionality is the most important part of clothing and it can save your life, protection from the elements or environment.
Yojhi does not like high heels but I say they can be a form of protection...;)
Necessity is the mother of invention and a friend and I were talking about how some of the most stylish people in SLO are the 'homeless' not to mention creative. I love the hobo fashion site because it shows the function of fashion. Note the lady with the multiple layers of clothing. She needs to do that to live. It is the best way of staying warm.
At one time there were a group of people sewing together old used clothing to make a quilt blanket. They had a large piece of fabric and layered used clean clothing by tacking them down and then encasing inbetween another large piece of fabric making a thick blanket, distributing to the homeless.
Above are a few functional and creative links for Hoboesk clothing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Yaqui/Mexica Inspiration

One of my favorite success stories is that of Nick Chavez and his haircare products. It started when he was young and grooming horses to show with his Mothers sissors. After a modeling career (might as well use your good looks if you have them) he moved to Los Angeles where he started cutting hair and then opening his own salon. He was also able to open his own ranch and show horses , his first love. He did it all with his positive attitude, hard work and strong faith. He puts a lot into his products as well for they do what they say they will do! Spread the Love Nick! He has a book that shares his story on Amazon "Perfect Hair Everyday", I think there's only used copies available though....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here's to Hobos

I live in the happiest town in the USA....as labeled by the author of the book "Thrive". First I do not really think it was an "accurate" study. That being said I think some people are doing their best to make us NOT happy. I call them the "Wannabes". The people who come here to "exploit". We had a round of them in our neighborhood with vultures who came to take advantage of the downturn and flury of forclosures, one of which was the house nextdoor. A couple from the Bay Area came here and pickuped the house nextdoor. As they were remodeling in a frenzy I walked by them in my distressed jeans. The woman blurted out "Hobo". Being new to the neighborhood she did not know that I lived right nextdoor. She failed to notice my Gucci handbag and sunglasses that are 'real' and all paid for, she would not know authentic for she drove the cheapest Lexus and fake True Religion Jeans (my daughter noticed those right off). Well now the house they picked up is worth a fraction of what they paid for it and they have a huge loan and no renters....oh oh. Be careful what you are afraid of, you just may become that. Anyway I appreciate the little things in life which I will share here. So to my neighbor I say I love "Hobos" and authenticity, go back to Ohio? is my guess.