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I am second generation Californian with Apache and Yaqui ancestors. Yes I was born in them there hills of Los Angeles. The Yaqui were hard workers and while working on the railroads in the southwest traveled and sometimes lived on the trains with their families. Refugio Savala the Yaqui Poet lived this lifestyle and called himself a "Hobo" with humor. My Greatgrandfather and many of his family worked on the railroad also which afforded them many opportunities. This Blog is in honor of my Great Grandfather Reyes Torres.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Successful Fashion/Art Blogging

Fashion Blogging: An Exploding Industry
My daughter and I were discussing what makes a Blogger popular. Some have a lot to share as far as talent and information. Here is a good overview from a business point of view. The graphics and technical part can be very consuming for my daughter has a very artful blog and has great insight from her college education but that does not mean it will be "popular". I tell her about the "bell curve" and that average is at the collective top and not necessairly a "good" thing...
You want "average" popularity just watch one of the "Reality" shows on TV. I do not watch those shows but can sometimes hear them blaring from my daughters room , the screaming of the usually girls and bashing...drama. Be careful how you feed your mind. Anyway popular does not always mean healthy or in good taste.
I think Fashion is Function and telling a story. I can tell what was going on in a given culture or period of time by the clothing people wear. One can tell what is going on with a person by what they are wearing, where they are from and their state of mind.
I just like the creative expression and the ability to share information. When I first started reading Blogs, many you had to subscribe to. The journalist had to make a living! I just closed down a popular Blog that people from all over the world read and took information without a word of thanks! I am talking about research universities etc.
Many are monitizing their blogs and some make a little here in there with only the most "popular" being able to make a living at it highly merchandised with goods to sell. That could backfire if people were unhappy with the transaction or merchandise.
Who knows where blogging will take us too soon to tell.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Win an ipad2 and Lorna Hobo International Bag

I am really pleased with my new Hobo Bag. Join Hobo International Facebook Page and enter to win a ipad 2 and a Lorna Bag to carry it in. The Lorna bag has a sleek design which will keep the pad from bouncing around...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nostalgia: Brands from the Past

I recently found some vendors that sell some brands from the past. Remember Jungle Gardenia and Jasmine! I would wear them when I went out dancing in the discos. The prices used to be very moderate but now you will pay a pretty penny for the trademarked brand. None the less I paid the price for nostalgia, they deserve it for being "keepers of the past". When I wear them I am 20 again, priceless;)
I also got something I never tried, Jungle Orchard keeping with my flower theme for 2012!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Billie Madley's Vintage Shoe Collection

I love following Danny Santiago the stylist/designer who has done the wardrobe/styling for several large department stores, movies such as SATC, Burn Notice, and Shopaholic. I picked up on the "spicy spark" he says his work has from his heritage. The below article was copied from 21Tradenet.com. I suffered for years over the guilt of buying Manolo's but now my daughter appreciates them and fits in them...I am now greatfull I collected his signature collection. I now purchase from ebay at the trusted sites but find that one can look great even with vintage pieces or gently worn items.
"Billie Madley collection of name shoes
Billie Madley is an actress, she grew up in Miami and now lives in New York.Classic shoes for her collection of fashion designer is a huge source of inspiration for many of her collections also appeared in Sex and the City in this movie.
Billie Madley: I do not know how many pairs of shoes in the end, I may wear more than 800 pairs, but also sell some.My apartment has 600 pairs of shoes are stacked up to the ceiling of the shoe rack.I like the exaggeration of the shoes, they look like a sculpture or work of art.I do not think people like to wear classic shoes very strange, because when you wear these shoes, you can imagine wearing these shoes the first Who, what occasion they wear these shoes, these are very interesting.There are a lot of my collection charles Jourdan, Norma Kamali, Maud Frizon design, I also like the Onex brand.My favorite shoes are always double-I just bought this, I really crazy for the shoes can not describe, I liked the shoes have to have it."