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I am second generation Californian with Apache and Yaqui ancestors. Yes I was born in them there hills of Los Angeles. The Yaqui were hard workers and while working on the railroads in the southwest traveled and sometimes lived on the trains with their families. Refugio Savala the Yaqui Poet lived this lifestyle and called himself a "Hobo" with humor. My Greatgrandfather and many of his family worked on the railroad also which afforded them many opportunities. This Blog is in honor of my Great Grandfather Reyes Torres.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jevelle Cosmetics


As I am looking at my earlier post "Tangerine Tango" and loving the find for it works so well I have next to my lipstick my Firm Protect Repair Creme which does just that. It was very reasonable and made in the USA not to mention natural and organic, also distributed out of Los Angeles. Great products without all the advertising which you pay for! It says it is for Acne prone skin but my sking is way past that stage and I get great results from this product. I also use the Jevelle Soy Serum which makes my skin feel like a baby's!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tangerine Tango and Jordana Cosmetics


On my quest for Tangerine Tango Lipstick I found the above brand at a very reasonable price. They carry it at Kmart but the nearest Kmart to me is some distance away so I ordered it online and was very happy with their quick service and the quality of the lipstick. The Tangerine Tango is Matt but if you want a gloss they also carry a clear one. The lipstick lasts all day...I also got the nail polish and a few other things to qualify for the 'free shipping' and just tested it out on one toe (no time for the rest) it work quite nicely with great coverage.
This line is also made in the USA!