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I am second generation Californian with Apache and Yaqui ancestors. Yes I was born in them there hills of Los Angeles. The Yaqui were hard workers and while working on the railroads in the southwest traveled and sometimes lived on the trains with their families. Refugio Savala the Yaqui Poet lived this lifestyle and called himself a "Hobo" with humor. My Greatgrandfather and many of his family worked on the railroad also which afforded them many opportunities. This Blog is in honor of my Great Grandfather Reyes Torres.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rodriguez El Rey Los Angeles

(this is actually a record, note hole in middle)
It was late at night and I wanted to stay after the concert to meet Rodriguez and to get autograph and  t-shirt. I knew that I would probably be able to see him again sometime or be able ask the question that first caught my attention, his family coming to America in the 1920's when the Mexican Revolution was subsiding. I was looking for others from Northern Mexico trying to find connections to my GGrandmother Francisca Rodriguez whom we knew little about because she died young. Not so far fetched being that that is where genealogical searches begin.
Most people who left Mexico during that time were "Indio" because that is what the Revolution was all about...social injustice.
Well it looks like that won't happen for sometime being that he will be in South Africa and Australia the coming New Year so unless I want to travel thousands of miles it won't happen. Maybe I should have stayed longer and toughed it out. Everything is selling out in a few hours after going on sale! Here's to could of should of....


  1. I do Hope you'll be able to successfully trace your Roots! We have a similar issue attempting to trace Ancestry on my Dad's side of the Family due to the Native American Ancestry and lack of written records, everything was pretty much word of mouth passed down and with many discrepancies over the years, depending on who told the Story. *Smiles* Storytelling always has the liberty of embellishments, so its hard to differentiate fact from parts of a good Story. *LOL* Especially since my Dad's Parents were both Halfbreeds and that came with a lot of 'baggage' and bias towards them back in the day. My Grandfather was a "Foundling" and the Family that took him in and raised him were not blood relatives, he took on their Surname, so we know nothing of his lineage other than he was obviously a person with a distinctive Native American appearance, but with curly hair, so his racial mixture was also quite evident. *Smiles*

    Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit and I'm glad you were Inspired by the Dia de los Muertos Altars and intend on Creating one for your Loved Ones who have passed from Time into Eternity. You must share the results... I absolutely have a Passion for Altars, they are so deeply Personal and Spiritual.
    I will have yet another Dia de los Muertos Altar Post the day after Halloween... the Procession will be November 4th at the Gardens and I plan to attend that as well and get some good Images to Share.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Your blog is inspiring and oh so creative as are your darling kids. There is a procession at the extension university locally.
    "Rodriguez" is very talented and some people believe he was not recognized because of his "Hispanic" name. In Europe they recognized him as being Native American dispite...I was told in College that I would have to work "twice as hard" to achieve success...but it depends on who is defining success.